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5 Benefits Of Partnering With A Third-Party Food Delivery Service Provider (26 February 2020)
With more and more people choosing to dine in their homes or offices for one reason or another, not offering a delivery service puts your restaurant at a great disadvantage.

Sharjah Ruler Issues Emiri Decree Establishing AIIID (24 February 2020)
Emiri Decree No.6 of 2020 stipulates that AIIID is a government entity which enjoys the legal personality and the legal capacity necessary to achieve its objectives and carry out its functions.

Sharjah Islamic Bank Strengthens Partnership With ICICI Bank (24 February 2020)
Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) has announced the strengthening of its partnership with ICICI Bank to facilitate remittances to India.

Cavli Wireless Pioneers To Launch The First 5G Test Network In India (24 February 2020)
Cavli Wireless, a global leader in cellular Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and Maker Village, a premiere IoT and hardware innovation hub in India, are collaborating to launch India’s first 5G test network lab by Q3 2020.

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Al Waha Restaurant
The Restaurant is famous for its light snacks, fresh juices and other beverages. The restaurant on Fridays offers barbecue lunch with live entertainment.

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10 Breast Cancer Myths Busted

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer, and the leading cause of cancer deaths in the UAE, according to the UAE National Cancer Registry. However, not everything you hear about breast cancer is true. There are many myths regarding the disease that has led to delays in detection and treatment that could have possibly saved lives. Here, we separate the fact from the fiction:


How To Trade Forex

The forex market also knows as the foreign exchange market is the worlds most liquid auction market. Currency pairs trade around the clock, providing opportunities to hedge exposure, assume risk and speculate. The financial instruments that are traded are referred to as currency pairs. There is a vibrant over the counter market, a futures market and even a contract for differences market. The most popular currency pairs are those traded versus the US dollar.


Vitamin Immune Booster IV Infusion Therapy

The world of healthcare has a new fad every month. Health practitioners are consistently introducing new treatments that promise a lot. But how do we know if they deliver? One such treatment is Vitamin Immune Booster IV Infusion Therapy.


Al Majaz Amphitheatre Reschedules Lebanese Composer Michel Fadel’s Concert to January 24

Al Majaz Amphitheatre, Sharjah has announced that popular Lebanese composer Michel Fadel’s concert scheduled for November 15 as part of the #letsmajaz music season, has been rescheduled to January 24. The acclaimed Lebanese musician will be accompanied on stage by opera singer and tenor Marc Reaidy, soprano singer Rita Bou Saleh, R&B soulster Denzel White, Kiona McCullum, and Ukraine’s Kiev Virtuosi orchestra comprising hundred musicians, under the baton of its Grammy-nominated conductor, Dmitry Yablonsky.


10:23:15 AM , 27 Feb 2020

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