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Tradematic Powers The Traders With Artificial Intelligence
(10 November 2022)

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised the world of capital markets. In this article, we review how Tradematic Entreprises, the first AI-powered broker, is pioneering the industry.


Go back into the time machine and imagine how the stock markets used to function. A huge hall with hundreds of market participants shouting out trades. Big chaos on days markets went down and big cheers on days markets went up. Gone are the days when you used to pay thousands of dollars for trade advisory and had to spend several hours in front of the trading terminal to determine the right strategies and trades. 

Fast forward to today’s times, everything is getting digital. Technology has completely revolutionized the capital markets. Now, we have apps with easy interfaces to trade on. We’re advancing even forward with the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It’s the era of automated trades powered by Artificial Intelligence. In this article, we cover a review of tradematic international, the world’s first AI-brokered trading platform.

How AI is revolutionising trading

AI simply means using software to facilitate human-like decision-making based on data provided in the system. It can conduct real-time analysis of a plethora of data which is otherwise not possible manually. Machine learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence, dives deep into the vast pool of unstructured data and makes sense of volatile price fluctuations. It can also help in making forecasts and applying risk-mitigating strategies to ensure a higher return on investment.

Tradematic Review

Tradematic is powering traders and asset managers to make automated trades and investments with built-in strategies. It develops software for trading stocks, futures, forex and cryptocurrency exchanges and has been assisting traders, developers and investment businesses since 2009.

In the B2B segment, it provides the back-end infrastructure for building investment and trading apps. And in the B2C segment, it is a visual strategy builder and algorithmic trading platform. One of the most notable features is the company helps in building the visual strategy without programming, making it usable across the masses. Its simple and user-friendly interface makes it even easier for users.

The robotics installed in the system helps in trading stocks and ETFs, cryptocurrencies and currencies. Not just for technical analysts, but it is making life easier for fundamental analysts as well. Moreover, it is suitable even for laypeople who do not need to read several books to get started with it. One of the best features of the software is the trading signals, which alert traders or investors to buy and sell and make a profit out of it or cut losses before it’s too late.

In the technical analysis, using the tradematic software, one can apply various trading strategies such as MACD, Bollinger Bands, Relative Strength Index, etc. One can analyze multiple time frames and carry out multiple trades in a fraction of a second with the application of tradematic software. It helps in even customizing the strategies according to an investor’s needs and identifying the repetitive patterns to give timely signals to the traders. And it’s not just about price patterns, it can also help in factoring in the impact of any news from the web.

This algorithm comes in handy not just for technical analysis but for fundamental analysis too. Analysis from multiple angles makes it a sophisticated solution for traders which is much more extensive than manual or conventional approaches.

In the case of fundamental analysis, one can set algorithms to make accurate assumptions and forecasts which can be highly useful in building financial models. Tradematics makes it possible to customize it according to one’s own needs and make it fully automated, semi-automated or completely manual, as required.

Benefits of AI in trading

1. The efficiency brought in my tradematic is helping in reducing the human error factor, enabling trades on pure data, rather than emotions. And because risk filters are also built-in, it ensures the financial safety of the users, bringing stability to trading volumes. It is one of the main reasons behind the rising popularity of algorithmic trading. It’s helping in curbing the volatility and hence safeguarding the investors. And one of the most crucial elements of the market is ‘Greed and Fear.’ Algo trading helps in cutting down those emotions and makes your trades far more efficient.

2. Another benefit of trading based on AI is that it can also help in analysing the impact. When it comes to a large number of volumes, it can move the market. Such analysis can be beneficial for institutional investors or large investors including hedge funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, etc.

3. Last but not the least, it cuts down effort. Capital markets participants spend years gaining experience, learn out of their mistakes and build strategies that suit their temperament. All this gets done by AI with established rules and predictions based on machine learning. 

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